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In this Presentation we present a Totally Hand-Sewn Presidential Limousine Flag, accomplished in 1952, especially for The President of The United States - President Harry S. Truman.

presidential limousine flag,the raleigh degeer amyx collection,presidential flag,TOTALLY HAND-SEWN PRESIDENTIAL LIMOUSINE FLAG  ACCOMPLISHED IN 1952 FOR HARRY S. TRUMAN

It is difficult to underestimate the Superior Workmanship and Beauty of an Authentic Presidential Flag (21" x 29.5") - unless one actually sees or holds it. in the early years Presidential Limousine Flags were the same exact quality as the Oval Office Flag.  In addition to that, the older version Presidential Limousine Flag is much larger than a modern Presidential Flag of same sort.  Today the Presidential Limousine Flags are all silk-screened, and Significantly lack in Quality in Major and Significant ways.

presidential limousine flag,the collection of raleigh degeer amyx,presidents flag,A CLOSE-UP OF THE PRESIDENTIAL LIMO FLAG DELIVERED TO THE WHITE HOUSE ON JUNE 25TH 1952

In addition, the above Presidential Flag is not one-sided: on the verso is a completely separate panel (in other words there are two original Presidential Flags attached back to back) with each and every stitch accomplished by hand.  The Gifted Artist sews directly onto the fabric which is rayon or nylon and is fringed in Silk, accomplished with Gold and White heavy loop, threads.

harry truman,raleigh degeer amyx,the american heritage collection,A DAPPER PRESIDENT HARRY S. TRUMAN AS SEEN IN AT HIS KEY WEST PRESIDENTIAL RETREAT

  Flags of this quality are always Officially Coded in a place not visible to the average person.  This particular Presidential Flag has various Special Coding Numbers, purposely not revealed in this narrative.  This Presidential Flag was hand-sewn in Philadelphia and it was designated for Delivery to the White House on June 25, 1952.  Acoordingly, because of the close proximity to The Administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower, this Flag may very well have been used briefly during two Presidential Administrations. The Quality of this Presidential Limousine Flag is Absolutely Breathtaking.

president hary s truman,dwight eisenhower,raleigh degeer amyx,PRESIDENT HARRY S. TRUMAN STROLLS ALONG WITH HIS SUCCESSOR DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER

The Presidential Limousine Flag was never ever mounted on the Presidential Limousine, unless the President was the passenger; and it is appropriate that it always be mounted on the Limousine's front left fender.  The right fender is reserved for the American Flag.  The Presidential Flag described and presented here is a Major Historical Relic to say the least.  For over a quarter of a century ithis Stunning Flag has been in The Collection of Raleigh DeGeer Amyx (a.k.a.) The American Heritage Collection.

raleigh degeer amyx,the american heritage collection,the raleigh degeer amyx collection,HISTORIAN AND COLLECTOR - RALEIGH DEGEER AMYX 2010




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