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Featured is the Official White House China of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. Specifically illustrated is a 10.5" Dinner Plate – which was ordered by The Roosevelt's in 1934.  This Lenox production, at the suggestion of Eleanor Roosevelt, featured an inner Gold Border with Feathers alternating with Bands of Roses with Motifs. This Creativity was borrowed from the Historic Roosevelt Family Coat of Arms.

the raleigh degeer amyx collection,franklin roosevelt white house china,white house china,FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT'S 1934 WHITE HOUSE 10.5" DINNER PLATE, BY LENOX, SPEAKS VOLUMES IN SIMPLE ELEGANCE

Simultaneously featured within this same presentation is the Official Service Plate, also Created by Lenox, for The U.S.S. Williamsburg.  It is a Stunning 11.5" Service Plate. There were other pieces of suitable matching China that FDR ordered during World War II for The Presidential Yacht.  Unfortunately, the April 12, 1945 sudden and untimely death of FDR meant that he would, sadly, never ever use or ever see this Gorgeous final U.S.S. Williamsburg Porcelain.

raleigh degeer amyx,franklin d. roosevelt china,official white house china,uss williamsburg,presidential yacht china,FDR PERSONALLY CHOOSES THIS STUNNING SERVICE PLATE FOR THE U.S.S. WILLIAMSBURG AND ULTIMATELY FOR CAMP DAVID

 However, President Harry S. Truman immediately adopted it for his U.S.S. Williamsburg Presidential Yacht, were it remained and was used many times by him as he vacationed at his favorite Presidential Retreat in Key West. And it remained as the Official Service Plate on the Presidential Yacht until Dwight D. Eisenhower became President, in 1953.  At that point, President Eisenhower Decommissioned this large and Famous Presidential Yacht.

uss williamsburg china,franklin d. roosevelt china,raleigh degeer amyx collection,THE PRESIDENTIAL YACHT -  THE U.S.S. WILLIAMSBURG - WHICH PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT AND TRUMAN SO FREQUENTLY CHOSE FOR WORK AND RELAXATION

Only the U.S.S. Williamsburg Service Plate had the Dramatic Encircling 13 Gold Stars, representing the 13 Original States.  Following the Decommissioning of the Presidential Yacht, all of the U.S.S. Williamsburg China was taken to the Presidential Retreat, Camp David.  There this Beautiful China remained, for many years, until finally being retired. Other Camp David  China, also illustrating the Seal of the President of the United States arrived.  However, it was really not until the Ronald Reagan Administration that Super Quality, Camp David China, Manufactured and Designed by Pickard, came into Official use. This Splendid China featured a Rustic Red and Gold Motif. Illustrated below, for those interested in the History of America, are close-up shots of the FDR White House China.

roosevelt white house china,white house china,raleigh degeer amyx collection,official white house china

raleigh degeer amyx collection,franklin rooosevelt white house china,white house china,official white house china,presidential china,

franklin roosevelt,eleanor roosevelt,raleigh degeer amyx collection,PRESIDENT FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT WITH HIS FIRST LADY ELEANOR ROOSEVELT AS THEY SHARE SOME TIME ALONE

Currently, all of the Historic China illustrated above is in The Collection of Raleigh DeGeer Amyx, also known as The American Heritage Collection. This White House China Collection is currently ranked in the Top Two Private Collections in The World.

raleigh degeer amyx,the raleigh degeer amyx collection,the american heritage collection,HISTORIAN AND COLLECTOR - RALEIGH DEGEER AMYX 2010





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