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Featured below and in near Mint Condition is a Rare Poem, as written by one of the Fathers of Texas, Sam Houston. This archivally framed piece is presently in The Collection of Raleigh DeGeer Amyx (a.k.a.) The American Heritage Collection. Written in a Bold Script, Sam Houston's Poem reads, "Texas....Woman is lovely to the sight, as gentle as the dews of eve, as bright as morning's earliest light and spotless as the snows of heaven......Sam Houston".

sam houston poem,theraleigh degeer amyx collection,sam houston ans,sam houston texas,SAM HOUSTON - A FATHER OF TEXAS - A GREAT AMERICAN  ICON

Sam Houston (1793 1863) was a success as a Lawyer, Politician, Soldier, and as a Leader of the Movement for Texas Independence.  Houston was also concerned with the plight of the Native American Indian.  In 1835, Houston was chosen as Commander of the Texas Army in its bid for Independence from Mexico.  In 1836, it was Sam Houston who met Mexican General Santa Anna in a Decisive Texas Battle.  Sam Houston Captured General Santa Anna and along with that Won The Independence of Texas.

ralegih degeer amyx,sam houston poem,sam houston ans,same houston a father of texas,A VIVID CLOSE-UP OF THE RARE POEM - AS WRITTEN BY TEXAN SAM HOUSTON

Sam Houston was Elected First President of the Republic of Texas.  In 1845, Texas was admitted to the Union.  Houston was then the First man from Texas to be Elected to the United States Senate.  In 1859, Houston became Governor of Texas.  Sam Houston, against the majority opinion of most Texans, fought hard to prevent Texas from Seceding from the Union.  For this, Sam Houston, was Deposed as Governor of Texas,  in 1861, when he refused to Swear Allegiance to The Confederacy. 

a father of texas,sam houston,raleigh degeer amyx collection,A FATHER OF TEXAS AND AN AMERICAN GREAT - SAM HOUSTON

Sam Houston's health deteriorated until finally he was struck with a severe chill which developed into a serious Pneumonia.  Sadly, Houston passed away in 1863, before he could see his beloved Texas still a part of the United States of America.  Sam Houston, died quietly with his devoted wife, Margaret by his side.  Houston's last words were, "Texas, Texas.  Margaret".

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