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Featured in this writing, from The Raleigh DeGeer Amyx Collection (a.k.a.) The American Heritage Collection, is the Elegant White House China of America's 11th President -  James K. Polk.

raleigh degeer amyx|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|white house china|presidential service|HISTORIAN AND COLLECTOR - RALEIGH DEGEER AMYX 2010

President Polk and his First Lady, Sarah Childress Polk, received at The White House this Impressive 9.5" Official Presidential Dinner Plate, in 1846. There were ONLY 36 in this Official White House China Order. And, no subsequent President ever reordered The White House China Service of Polk.  This Impressive Presidential Service was manufactured by Edouard D. Honore' of Champroux, France.  Take Special Note of the "American Shield" at the top center – the very First time Red, White & Blue colors were ever used on Official White House State Dinner China.  Shortly after Polk's Inauguration on March 3,1845, President Polk asked his close friend, William Corcoran (1798 to 1888), to Supervise the furnishings of The White House. Thus it was Mr. Corcoran that spearheaded the purchase of the President's new Official State Dinner Service in 1846.

james k. polk white house china|white house china|raleigh degeer amyx|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|the american heritage collection|THE ORNATELY ELEGANT WHITE HOUSE CHINA & 9.5" DINNER PLATE OF PRESIDENT JAMES K. POLK - IN 1846

The Polk White House China Service decoration includes, on the border of each Impressive Porcelain Piece, a "Polychrome Shield", of the United States, behind the National Motto, "E. Pluribis Unum", on the eye-catching floating Ribbon/Banner.

james k. polk white house china|raleigh degeer amyx|offcial white house china|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|presidential china|the american heritage collection|A VIVID CLOSE-UP OF THE AMERICAN SHIELD AND ORNATE RIM OF THE 1846 PRESIDENTIAL SERVICE OF JAMES K. POLK

Also, recently uncovered in The Raleigh DeGeer Amyx Collection is the Exquisite James K. Polk 1846 - 9" Dessert Plate – Mfg. in France & once again made by Edouard Honore' of Champroux, France.  Again, take special note of the - Red White & Blue " American Seal" - at the top center of the plate.  The Polk Dessert Service displays a Green Border with the American Shield, within Gold Borders; each with a hand-painted botanically accurate State Flower - each representing the individual States of America and featured in the center of each Impressive piece.  It was in March of 1846, that the new Official Presidential Service arrived at The White House to begin its First Official use in The East Room.

james k. polk white house china|raleigh degeer amyx|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|presidential service|the american heritage collection|THE BREATHTAKING 9" DESSERT PLATE FROM THE POLK PRESIDENTIAL SERVICE OF 1846 - WITH HAND-PAINTED STATE FLOWERS - REPRESENTING THE 36 AMERICAN STATES

President James K. Polk served only One-Term as our President. But that Presidential Service is considered, by a host of American Historians, to be one of the most Impressive of them all. This was a President that set firm goals and made concrete promises. Polk delivered on each and every one of them. That has not gone unnoticed by Historians. Unfortunately, President James K. Polk lived only 103 days after his One-Term as our President. Thus, he was not around nearly long enough to continue his legacy or highlight his own achievements. It was left to other Americans to offer up such a Clarion Call, to set his Historic Record straight.

president james k. polk|raleigh degeer amyx|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|jakes k. polk white house china|OUR 11TH PRESIDENT - JAMES K. POLK OF TENNESSEE

sarah polk|first lady sarah polk|raleigh degeer amyx|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|white house china|the americanheritage collection|TENNESSEE'S FIRST LADY - SARAH CHILDRESS POLK (1803 -1891)


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