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The featured shorts of JFK Jr., were worn by him, as a toddler, in The White House. They are Monogrammed on the front, in Blue, "JFK, Jr." They would have been worn by the President's son, Circa 1961-62.

jfk,jfk shorts,jfk jr. shorts,white house memorabilia,the raleigh degeer amyx collection,the american heritage colllection,raleigh degeer amyx,STUNNING SHORTS OF J.F.K. JR. - WORN IN THE WHITE HOUSE   CIRCA 1961- 62

There is Detailed Provenance from a White House Maid that often had direct responsibility for interacting with and caring for both Caroline and John F. Kennedy Jr. Her name was Viola "Big Momma" Wise. The writer knew her well back in the 1970's and 1980's. When President John F. Kennedy was Assassinated in 1963, the Funeral was held, November 25, 1963, the 3rd Birthday of JFK Jr.  Following this Sudden and Painful event in the Kennedy Family and in the History of America, a number of important pieces of the President and his Family were dispersed to those with direct Kennedy Family access. These Striking and beautifully hand-crafted JFK Jr. shorts are one of those more Important Relics.

jackie kennedy & son|jackie& jfk jr.|raleigh degeer amyx|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|the american heritage collection|JBK & JFK JR. - A DEVOTED MOTHER EMBRACES HER SON

Sometimes Viola "Big Momma" Wise would share stories, with Raleigh DeGeer Amyx, as related to her 30 Year Career at The White House. Some were put into writing. In this particular case, "Big Momma" shared verbally and in writing the following Kennedy Story. And this Story is also attested to on White House Stationery, as "Big Momma" explained, in a full-page Letter of Provenance, her Association with the Kennedy Brother and Sister. Anyway, there came a day when "Big Momma" was Rocking JFK Jr. And she looked at JFK Jr. and said, "You're an Ugly Darlin Baby - but you are the Son of a President and a Millionaire and so "Big Momma" is gonna keep on rockin you." And she would smile broadly at the young lad as she caressed him and she continued with a favorite chore of that White House day.

viola wise| Big Momma|viola "big momma" wise|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|the american heritage collection|raleigh degeer amyx|AT WORK WITH HER EFFERVESCENT SMILE - VIOLA "BIG MOMMA" WISE - IN THE WHITE HOUSE -CIRCA 1961-63

Today, the Shorts of JFK Jr., are in The Raleigh DeGeer Amyx Collection (a.k.a.) The American Heritage Collection, where they are beautifully shared and displayed.

raleigh degeer amyx|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|the american heritage collection|HISTORIAN & COLLECTOR - RALEIGH DEGEER AMYX 2010



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