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Featured is Theodore Roosevelt's (1858-1919) Personal Silver Frame and Cabinet photo – as a"Rough Rider". The President's Silver Frame contains an Impressive photo of him with a Stamp on the verso, Officially Marked - "Presidents File".

thodore roosevelt memorabilia,presidential memorabilia,t.r. property, the raleigh degeer amyx collection,raleigh degeer amyx,the american heritage collectionELEGANT FRAME AND ROUGH RIDER CABINET PHOTO - OWNED AND USED IN THE WHITE HOUSE - BY PRESIDENT THEODORE ROOSEVELT

The President kept his personal property, as illustrated above,within the White House living quarters until the Roosevelts permanently left, in 1909.  At that time, it was presented to a favored White House Employee as a Gesture of Appreciation.  When properly brought to the polished state of immaculate and unblemished appearance, T.R's Ornate Silver Frame brings on even more Stunning clarity. 

theodore roosevelt celluloid,t.r. rough rider,theodore roosevelt button,the raleigh degeer amyx collection,the american heritage collection,raleigh degeer amyx,THEODORE ROOSEVELT - IN 1898 - AS A "ROUGH RIDER"

The 1898 Rough Rider Venture into Cuba, during the Spanish American war, was perhaps, singularly the most Important Event in Theodore Roosevelt's Life.  Overwhelming Publicity was garnished from his role as a Rough Rider and it was a Major reason why he was elected Governor of New York.  And if he had not been the young Governor of New York, T.R. would not have been selected as Vice-President under William McKinley. And not long after, T.R. was to become an Accidental President, when President McKinley was Assassinated in 1901.  A few years later he was Elected President, in his own right, and Theodore Roosevelt's exploits, as well as accomplishments, have been carefully attested to by Historians over time.

t.r. sepia photo,theodroe roosevelt photo,the raleigh degeer amyx collection,the american heritage collection,raleigh degeer amyx,


 There was a Tremendous amount of Publicity resulting from the Rough Rider conflict during the 1898 Spanish-American war and the Gallantry of the future President was extensively covered by the Press.  At the time of the adventure, there was an Official Recommendation for the Congressional Medal of Honor. This Distinction of Bravery ultimately arrived on the desk of a Politically Conflicting - Secretary of War. The Secretary then refused to sign off on this Major Honor.  Many years of ensuing debate followed; with The Congressional Medal of Honor, the Epitome of Heroic Distinction, eventually being Approved and Awarded by President William Jefferson Clinton in 2001.

t.r. medal of honor,medal of honor,theodore roosevelt medal of honor,rough rider,the raleigh degeer amyx colllection,raleigh degeer amyx,the american heritage collection,THE MEDAL OF HONOR - AS AWARDED TO THEODORE ROOSEVELT

Currently this Important Personal Relic, that once belonged to Theodore Roosevelt, is in The Collection of Raleigh DeGeer Amyx (a.k.a.) The American Heritage Collection.

raleigh degeer amyx|the raleigh degeer amyx|the american heritage collection|amyx collection|HISTORIAN & COLLECTOR - RALEIGH DEGEER AMYX 2010


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