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Featured in this writing are Three different Golf Balls owned and used by General Dwight D. Eisenhower.  All are from Eisenhower's actual Golf Bag.  Each is Personally Monogrammed.  On one, the Golf Ball  reads "Ike" and on another "Ike Eisenhower" and interestingly on another,"General Ike". This Rare Trio are each straight from President Eisenhower's Golf Bag.

ike golf balls|eisenhower golf balls|presidential golf balls|presdeintial memorabilia|white house memorabilia|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|the amyx collection|the american heritage collection|A RARE TRIO STRAIGHT FROM THE GOLF BAG OF PRESIDENT DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER

President Eisenhower, can be seen, on a Presidential Journey aboard Ship, actually lining up one of the Golf Balls, with the aid of his Personal Valet – Sgt. John Moaney.  Moaney was Ike's Valet from early 1942 until General Dwight D. Eisenhower's death in 1969.  Day in and day out, General Eisenhower and Sgt. Moaney were in close proximity to each other.  And when President Eisenhower left The White House on January 21, 1961, Ike retired to his Gettysburg Farm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  And there he set up a separate room for Sgt. John Moaney, so that he could always live, with his wife, Dolores, who was also the Eisenhower Cook - right there in the Big House with Mamie and President Eisenhower.

ike golf|eisenhower golf|ike and moaney|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|the american heritage collection|amyx collection|WHILE AT SEA VALET SGT. MOANEY DEVISES A WAY FOR IKE TO TEE IT UP - IKE AND MOANEY WERE TOGETHER EACH AND EVERY DAY  FROM 1942 - 1969

ike golf|president eisenhower golf|presidential golf|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|the american heritage collection|THERE WERE MORE HIGHLY SKILLED PRESIDENTIAL GOLFERS THAN IKE - BUT PERHAPS NONE WERE MORE DETERMINED

Golf Balls illustrated here are just a few of the examples from The Collection of Raleigh DeGeer Amyx.  Personal Golf Balls used by Presidents are not to be confused with the more ordinary gift golf balls.  All of the Golf Balls on display in the Amyx Collection (a.k.a.) The American Heritage Collection are only the Golf Balls straight from the Golf Bags of the President's. They include Golf Balls from President Warren G. Harding, President Richard M. Nixon, President John F. Kennedy as well as others.

raleigh degeer amyx|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|the american heritage collection|the amyx collection|HISTORIAN & COLLECTOR - RALEIGH DEGEER AMYX 2010


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