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Featured is the World War 11 Leather Jacket of Dwight D. Eisenhower. This Class-One War Relic was, following the Death of Ike, in 1969, in the possession of his Valet and Friend, Sgt. John Moaney. Sgt. Moaney and the General first met in 1942 at Telegraph Cottage, 15 miles South of London - The Headquarters of The Allied effort in The European Theater. It was there that the General met with Moaney for the purpose of interviewing him for the position of Valet and Assistant to the Commanding General. At that time Sgt. Moaney had never even seen a General. But then and there Ike had Moaney reassigned to him at Headquarters. And from 1942 until the President's Death in 1969 (27 years) they were together each and every day. After the President retired, as President in 1961, Ike moved, with Mamie, to their new home in Pennsylvania - Gettysburg Farm. And Sgt. John Moaney and his wife, Delores also moved into the beautiful home with the Eisenhower's.

sgt. john moaney,ike and moaney,ike,dwight eisenhower,ike and moaney,raleigh degeer amyx,thge raleigh degeer amyx collection,the american heritage collection,DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER & SGT. JOHN MOANEY - THEY WERE WITH EACH OTHER DAILY - FROM 1942 TO 1969

Also featured are Binoculars, Owned and Used by Dwight D. Eisenhower. Both the Binoculars and World War 11 Leather Jacket, which has Artistically hand-swen Stars attached to it's Epaulets, were left for Moaney. As was Ike's Handsome18K Rolex. The General left that, in 1969, to Sgt. Moaney as well. All of these Historic Relics are properly Documented for the Ages. There are individual Letters of Provenance, on White House Stationery, explaining the Relics in detail as well as the role of Moaney as Ike's friend and Valet.

dwight eisenhower,ike,eisenhower leather jacket,ike jacket,ike leather jacket,general eisenhowers jacket,raleigh degeer amyx,the raleigh degeer amyx collection,the american heritage collection,EISENHOWER'S WORLD WAR 11 LEATHER JACKET - A RELIC OF MAJOR SIGNIFICANCE - IN THE RALEIGH DEGEER AMYX COLLECTION

ike jacket,ike's leather jacket,eisenhower jacket,eisenhower's jacket,dwight eisenhowers memorabilia,white house memorabilia,raleigh degeer amyx,the american heritage collection,presidential memorabilia,IKE'S WORLD WAR 11 LEATHER JACKET AND BINOCULARS AND LEATHER MONOGRAMMED CASE - AS RECENTLY DISPLAYED IN THE RALEIGH DEGEER AMYX COLLECTION

 Years later the Moaneys, with the Major Assistance of Delores Moaney, (married to Sgt. John Moaney and also the Cook and personal Assistant to The Eisenhower's), presented this World War 11 Leather Jacket and other Important pieces to Raleigh DeGeer Amyx. At this time, all of the above mentioned Relics are in The Amyx Collection (a.k.a.) The American Heritage Collection.

raleigh degeer amyx,the raleigh degeer amyx collection,the american heritage collection,HISTORIAN & COLLECTOR - RALEIGH DEGEER AMYX


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