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According to a White House Maid of 30 years, Viola "Big Mama" Wise, this textured Sterling Silver Hairbrush was used on John F. Kennedy, as an infant, as well as many years later, on The Hair of The President's son, JFK Jr., while he was a Toddler at The White House. Apparently, the President and First Lady included this hairbrush among their personal  belongings when they arrived at The White House on January 20, 1961.

jfk hair|jfk hairbrush|jfk jr. hair|jfk jr. hairbrush|raleigh degeer amyx|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|the american heritage collection|WHEN JFK & JFK JR'S. HAIR WAS BRUSHED, AS AN INFANT, IT WAS THIS HAIRBRUSH THAT WAS USED

jfk hair|jfk jr. hair|jfl|jfk jr.|john f. kennedy hair|john f. kennedy jr. hair|raleigh degeer amyx|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|the american heritage collection|ANOTHER VIVID CLOSE-UP OF JOHN F. KENNEDY'S HAIRBRUSH - FROM THE WHITE HOUSE

 Perhaps it was rather automatic that it would be used on JFK JR., and it was.  John F. Kennedy Jr., was a small infant when he arrived at the White House in 1961, and Viola Wise sometimes looked after him, which would include brushing JFK jr.'s hair, as needed.

viola wise|white house maid|big momma|viola "big momma" wise|jfk hairbrush|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|raleigh degeer amyx|the american heritage collection|A CAPTIVATING OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE PHOTOGRAPH OF A WHITE HOUSE MAID - FOR 30 YEARS OR SO - VIOLA "BIG MOMMA" WISE - AT WORK IN THE WHITE HOUSE - WEARING HER WHITE HOUSE UNIFORM - WITH HER EVER PRESENT AND ENGAGING SMILE

 The Maid, Viola Wise, shared many First Family as well as White House stories with Raleigh DeGeer Amyx, (shown at bottom of this feature), and also several Important Historical Relics.  Viola "Big Momma" Wise, was an Important White House contact for Mr. Amyx.  She also was the Possessor of a Major Personality and the two often interacted with each other during "Big Momma's" retirement years. Always, Miss Wise provided detailed written Provenance whenever sharing Historical Relics, that were given to her, as a result of her long career at The White House, with her friend, Raleigh DeGeer Amyx.

rose kennedy|rose kennedy with jfk|jfk infant|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|raleigh degeer amyx|ROSE KENNEDY & THE FUTURE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES


caroline kennedy|jackie kennedy|caroline with jfk jr.|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|the american heritage collection| CAROLINE KENNEDY CAUGHT IN A LOVING MOMENT WITH HER BROTHER - JOHN F. KENNEDY JR.


jackie kennedy|jackie kennedy with her son jfk jr.|jacqueline kennedy mother|the raleigh degeer amyx collection|the american heritage collection|raleigh degeer amyx|JACQUELINE BOUVIER KENNEDY AS SHE CARES FOR HER SON JOHN F. KENNEDY JR.

 Although Maud Shaw was the Nurse that the Kennedys employed and brought  to the White House with the First Family, it was sometimes necessary for favored White House Employees to assist with the small growing family. And Viola Wise was one of those Trusted Career White House Employees that sometimes assisted with the care of JFK Jr. and Caroline Kennedy.

raleigh degeer amyx|the american heritage collection|official white house china collector|white house china collection|the american heritage collection|THE HAIRBRUSH OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY AND JFK JR. WAS PRESENTED - WELL OVER 25 YEARS AGO - TO COLLECTOR & HISTORIAN - RALEIGH DEGEER AMYX - SHOWN HERE IN 2010




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