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One day Messenger Raleigh DeGeer Amyx was asked to see to it that a small package was taken directly to J. Edgar Hoover's home in Washington D.C. It was the Spring Valley area of Washington - in fact, many prominent Washingtonians lived there, including then Senator Lyndon B. Johnson - probably no more than a block from Director Hoover's home. When FBI Messenger Amyx knocked on the front door of Hoover's home, a valet answered the door. Amyx was shown in and directed downstairs, to leave the package on Director Hoover's Card table. This was more like a private area where a few fellows seemed to meet for poker some weekend evenings. On the way up the stairs, Amyx observed a Calender Girl type of Poster tacked to the wall.  This was really tame stuff but fairly typical of the day.

On another day Raleigh DeGeer Amyx was asked to take a message from J. Edgar Hoover to United States Senator Lyndon B. Johnson - and on another assignment Messenger Amyx was asked to deliver a memorandum to John F. Kennedy, three years before JFK became President of the United States. While in Senator Kennedy's front office Messenger Amyx told the receptionist that he had a message from Director Hoover to Senator Kennedy. The receptionist indicated that the message should be left in her incoming box. For some reason Amyx mustered up the concocted story that Director Hoover had stated "For the eyes of Senator Kennedy only" - well, that ruse worked and the next thing you know young Amyx was right there in Kennedy's main office as the Senator read something that probably could very well have been left  in JFK's front office. But as long as Amyx had bull dozed his way this far, the next question was to courteously ask the Presidential aspirant for a personalized autographed photograph - a request that Senator Kennedy smilingly and courteously honored. Today that same photograph inscribed by Kennedy to Raeigh DeGeer Amyx hangs witin his own office.

john f. kennedy|raleigh degeer amyx and jfk|american heritage and jfk|FOR J. EDGAR HOOVER'S YOUTHFUL MESSENGER - "TO RALEIGH AMYX WITH VERY BEST WISHES - JOHN F. KENNEDY"

 Raleigh DeGeer Amyx never  suspected any relationship between J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson to be anything other than two trusted friends who worked closely together. And not one other person within the FBI that Amyx saw daily had any other thoughts concerning their relationship - including long time FBI Agents. And Headquarters was loaded with men in Supervisory positions at the Highest Level. At that time the United States was divided into two halves, with a senior Special Agent in charge of either East of the Mississippi or West of the Mississippi. In fact, Raleigh DeGeer Amyx was asked to serve for some months, the two National Supervisors of Kidnapping, White Slave Traffic and Obscene matter. Again, heady stuff for a 19 year old.


There was always someting huge going on at FBI Headquarters and Amyx saw many things up close and personal. And he respected many Associate Directors, Inspectors and Senior National Supervisors whom he was with on a daily basis. Favorites included The Director of the Investigation Division-Alex Rosen, the Director of Domestic Intelligence, Alex Belmont and especially, Inspector Deke DeLoach, a man that went out of his way to help the young Messenger Amyx out of a jam. And 40 years later the two accidentally bumped into each other at the famous five star resort where the now mature former FBI Messenger could properly extend his gratitude to Inspector DeLoach as one man to another.

There were three issues that troubled young Amyx during and after his tenure with the FBI. And really only three major issues - 1-  The seemingly endless lack of trust that seemed to exist between the CIA and the FBI. It was all so counter productive to the Nation's interest of National Security. 2- Another issue was Director Hoover's seemingly endless delay in tackling the issue of Organized Crime at a much earlier point during Hoover's 48 year tenure as Director of the FBI. Hoover could have and should have done a bit better. 3 - And finally J. Edgar Hoover's failing to resign just about the same time that young Messenger Amyx first met up with him. If he had done so he would have left the position of FBI Director as a man deeply trusted by the vast majority of Americans. But he did not. Hoover stayed on way past the required age of retirement for every other thousands of men that served under him at the FBI. Hoover expected the other FBI Agents out  by age 55. For some reason,  it seemed appropriate for him to remain in his lofty position until his sudden death in 1972 at age 77.

It seemed that Hoover's primary hobby, other than horse racing, was his FBI position. Hoover seemed to just love being Director of the FBI. He had taken the FBI kicking and screaming into the modern era of law enforcement and then insisted upon staying in power until he could no longer keep up with the modern era at all. It was to be an unfortunate choice that Hoover came to make. He was a Segregationist in attitude and a product of his times. However, some people are more willing to learn new things and to better self evaluate. Hoover gradually grew to the point where he was obviously unable to do that.

Long an admirer of Director Clint Eastwood's work and his often accurate betrayal of history Mr. Amyx takes issue with Eastwood's novelized attempt as it pertains to the life of J. Edgar Hoover in the 2011 film, "J.Edgar." In brief, if you asked Mr. Eastwood a direct question of a scene where he shows J. Edgar Hoover kissing his Deputy Director, Clyde Tolson on the lips, his long time friend and associate, Eastwood would categorically admit that he flat out made the kissing scene up on the fly. It was not even in the movie script. And there is not now nor was there ever any known witness to such an event in the lives of either men. And this novelized attempt at audience seduction causes one to question a bit more of this Eastwood "J. Edgar"production. It is out of character for the film legend to do something such as this. Quite surprising indeed.

clint eastwood director|raleigh degeer amyx collection|american heritage collection|clint eastwood and j. edgar|HOLLYWOOD LEGEND FILM DIRECTOR CLINT EASTWOOD - RECENTLY AT WORK ON SET

Today, Raleigh DeGeer Amyx is well known as an American Historian and major collector of Americana artifacts. In fact, he has loaned portions of his premier collection for  notable exhibits such as The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library as well as other Presidential Libraries, etc. The best way to reach Mr. Amyx is directly though his well known website or simply Google his full name.

american heritage|raleigh degeer amyx|presidential collector|white house china collector|presidential china collector|HISTORIAN AND COLLECTOR - RALEIGH DEGEER AMYX - MANY YEARS AFTER HIS TENURE WITH THE F.B.I.


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